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February 6, 2014:
While interest in multivitamins took a big hit thanks to the revelation that taking all those pills does nothing, the fact remains that B12 has legitamite uses. We finally acquired, which eventually won't look as amateurish and generic as this site.



Want to know how to safely use b12 injections and other supplements for weight control and better energy? Vitamin B-12 Shots and injections are such a popular topic that our readers are always talking about the ways they use them as part of weight loss, energy, and well-being enhancement programs. We hope to share real user stories about the effect of b12 shots and lipotropic injections.


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Stop Paying a Doctor for B12!

Find out why celebrities like Madonna and Justin Timberlake and athletes like Cy Young Winner Roger Clemens get B12 Injections to improve their performance! Whether you're looking for Vitamin B12 shots, supplements, or advice on injections, then you've come to the right place. Health practitioners have known for years that Vitamins are essential for energy, weight loss, and disease prevention. These vitamins can be delivered sublingually (under the tongue), in pill form, as part of a beverage, or injected. While B12 injections (also called Lipotropic Injections) are not for everyone, there are people who need the immediate effects of an injection, whether it is because of a dietary deficiency or to treat pernicious anemia. Some people use it as a fat burner, as part of an exercise regimen.

As you know, a physician's permission is needed to buy B12 injections and syringes, and it is important to know how to do an injection correctly. This kind of information can't be learned from a video. Always consult with a doctor whenever you want to lose weight or get more information on a healthy lifestyle. By making sure that you do not have any underlying health conditions (conditions sometimes caused by a poor dietary intake, toxins, or other outside factors) that would prevent you from using injectable supplements, you can be certain that you are not endangering your health.

In the year 2014, the field of vitamin research has gotten a lot of attention, especially in the wake of Dr. Oz proclaiming that you should jump on the bandwagon for today's super food and totally ignore the fat burning calorie blocker that he featured the week before. Medical TV shows like "The Doctors" and other sources have their uses, and can be positive when it comes to getting people to watch their weight, exercise, and avoid diabetes, but the fact that so many authors come on pitching their own books leads the viewer to wonder what advice to really follow. There might not be such an easy answer, other than the fact that you should be careful about what you are eating, and work with your doctor to find out what parts of your diet may be lacking in nutrients and vitamins. For all the hype on the HCG diet, where you essentially starve yourself while taking pregnancy hormones, to the Aztec diet where you eat the same Chia seeds that people go around spreading on terra-cotta heads, the real answer is to be more careful and cautious about your dietary choices. Your health belongs to you, not all the hypers and hucksters who are trying to make a buck selling you something. If you don't need B-12 in your diet because you get enough animal proteins, good for you, and on your way. If not, we hope to give you better information that helps you make an informed choice.

Should you get the injections or those little energy drink shots that come in small plastic bottles which just end up in a landfill or by the side of the road? Can sublingual B vitamins do the same work without having to stick yourself with a tool that becomes a biohazard as soon as it leaves your body? I just don't know.


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